The Diary: Entry Seven

Morus Academy 

August 24, 2013

“You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.”- Conrad Hall

Dear Ζευς,

In life, we must keep learning, is that right? That we should always be learning from others and the world around us? I question this, because of what had happen just a week ago. I have never met such a student who had looked at me with such determination in his eyes. He had drilled them into me that he did not care for the mortals, that he was still a human being. That a mark would not determine how to live his life in such a way. I have gone through many students that still continue to question their existence.

But this young man, he looked at me with no questions but with a will to live. One that even I had thought had gone from the eyes of these students. He had hope, he wanted to fight for it to grab hold and drag it along with him. Such a boy could change the hearts and minds of those around him so quickly. May it be because of the mark he bares? Could it be that even this Gods descendant could have such a calm mind? Or is it that will of fight inside of him that stems from that God? 

Ζευς, this boy made me look back into all the things I had question and looked upon all this anger I had. He is just a boy and he still taught me that life was not determine by what has already been decided for us. He taught me that we make our path and our own choices in this life. A student taught a teacher this day. I want to believe him, I want to say that our life has not been predestined for us. 

But how do I believe that when I hold the darkest secret in Olympus? 

I still remember that day, Ζευς, I still remember the Gods and Goddesses that had stepped forward that day. When you had brought me forward and told me your secret, their secret. I have been trying to seek their descendants and instead of me finding them. One has found me and he taught me, taught me that life was up to us. But, how can I look at him and agree? 

I fear that if I tell him that he will lose that hope that he carries with him. That he will lose the fight to live his own life, why bring him to me now? Why, Ζευς? What can I teach him when I am still learning also? I plague you with these questions, for I need help, so help me. Show me some guidance and let me understand what I should do to help him.


A strong name for a Descendant of Ares, I wonder what his path holds for him. 




The Journey to Writing: Book Themes

We all have that one book that we’ve always held dear to us, it was a book that we loved and wanted everyone we met to read. I know I did with my significant other I

forced him to read my favorite book. A book that talked about growing up and being a child at heart which kind of hit the nail on his head. It was a book that made me believe that you don’t always have to grow up. To look at the stars and watch them laugh. Yes, I am talking about The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry. That book taught me a lot about adventure and growing up, and that sometimes you didn’t have to grow up. Life wasn’t about paying bills and going to work, it was about adventure and silliness.
I enjoyed the book that it taught me about life that I nearly overlook that the theme of the book had been something I should have known. I won’t be going into The Little Prince theme but more of themes in general. We read books that become a part of us and help us or even relate to us. Books have a sense of grabbing us at unexpected moments and coming up with these amazing quotes that we slowly carry into our lives and embedded them with our personality. We relate to the characters because we see a part of us in those characters, however I’m talking about the whole book. That book you read can be funny but a lesson also, it can be something that makes you cry but it will teach you something.

Themes in books don’t just stop at children’s book, I’ve read many adult books that can have a theme to it. And those are the books that have stuck with me, books that show you to be courageous and that it was alright to be afraid. To laugh in the face darkness and keep moving forward. Even I have a theme for my book and my theme has always been the choices we make and the consequences that

come from them. Whether they are good or bad, we make choices and they lead us down our different paths.
We always go on these adventures with these books and we carry them with us. So its no surprise that these lessons and themes of the books and we go along and yell at the characters because we want them to know that we are learning too. Stories they can end up being lessons at the end of the day and what we do with them is up to us.

And for me to choose a theme that deals with our choices and the paths we make for ourselves. It stems deep inside of myself for when I made the choices I did and made my own path. My characters are slowly knowing that when they make these choices something else grows for them. They become quicker and knowledgeable in their path, they want to learn from their choices. Putting a theme on a book isn’t hard, sometimes it just comes out naturally, other times we know what we’re writing and we want others to learn from it.

Sometimes we’re even teaching ourselves, we are all still learning too; so when I started to write, I didn’t know that The Descendants Tales would have a theme. I was writing and when I saw what I was saying, what they were saying, the book theme hit me. I wouldn’t change that, I wouldn’t want any other way.

Themes can hit us hard, it can give us something to think about when we’re just going about our day. They make us think and they also make us wonder what is next for those characters and what would happen with them.

🌟Guest Post: Juggling a Day Job and a Full Time Writing Career – A Personal Story by Author Lyzeth Inurrigarro

The Journey to Writing: Working Full-Time and Writing.
I did a guest post for an Author friend of mine. Don’t hesitate to read it.

Fiction for the Masses

You know, working is something we usually have to do, whether you’re a published author or just starting out. We start somewhere and sometimes it can be hard to maintain the passion for writing and working full-time; especially when at times you can only think about writing the days you’re working. Which is every day. And sometimes, you can be at a full-time job that tires you mentally; I was in that position a couple months ago. I used to work in a warehouse full-time and it was not the experience I wanted to go through.

Each day when I returned from the job I would be drained mentally from what I would have to go through. It wasn’t fun at all, I felt that my creativeness had completely been sucked out of me. It was hard for me to even write a sentence when I came home from a…

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The Diary: Entry Six

Morus Academy

August 15, 2013

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”- Aristotle Onassis

Dear Ζευς,

I have spoken with many of the children here; many that have been torn apart from this world that carry anger with them. Many of them that are merely sadden. They have questioned me with the same plauging questions that I have asked you. It has seem since we last spoke that my eyes had open to the fact that these children have many of the same questions as myself. One’s that I have no answers to, Ζευς, they have been seeking my council.

What do I say to those angry eyes? Ones that have seen pain and blood at a young age. What do I say to the ones that scream in the night as their dreams are plauged with nightmares? Could you not ask Morpheus to stop them? To ease them during the night instead of taunt them with memories they no longer want. When they look to me, do they see the same haunted look in my own eyes? Do I give them more fear and unanswered questions?

It is becoming more difficult since leaving the office now. More difficult when I enter the classroom and they look to me. My father was a guide, a leader that knew what to say. But, me, I still don’t know where to find the cafeteria without getting lost. And, yet they look to me, waiting for me to guide them into the light; I could not be a leader to them just a teacher.

What more can I give them? I teach them with the knowledge that I have within myself. Knowledge that I had poured over with them and yet they still try to seek their unanswered questions. They don’t want to know about the battles and powers they have. They want to know why they have to hide and fear other people. It may seem, Ζευς, that I was not the only one wanting answers.



The Journey to Writing: Character Part Three: KALAS

When Kalas was created he became the darker side of me, the one that was holding the secrets of the world and burdened himself with the things that he knew. For a longtime I didn’t really like Kalas, he was someone that I was hoping to make a background character but it wasn’t so. As the book progressed so did Kalas, he showed me that there was another side of him that was hidden between the pain that he was holding in. Kalas has this backstory that tied in with three of the other characters. That was a surprised to me, but a part of me knew that there was something going on between Brone and Kalas because of the snarkiness and the anger that Kalas had been holding on.

But I’m getting ahead of myself right now, so lets start with the beginning of who Kalas is. So Kalas is the Descendent of Apollo, you know Apollo, the one that’s all about the sun. Yeah, I never had a torch for Apollo to be honest, he wasn’t someone I did a whole lot of research in. But we have our moments, even if I did have to look into the Greek Gods and Goddesses a little more then others. It was something that had to be done, even if I didn’t want to do it. Kalas is mischievous and flirtatious, he flaunts that more then anything. And he seems to enjoy it while others don’t, he has a grudging

© Copyright 2016 Kalas

admiration for Marcellus and loves his twin sister, Reselda, deeply. However, he has this anger or hatred aimed towards another character (you’ll get to meet him soon). Now a part of me didn’t understand this, I never really wanted anyone to hate one another even if they’re going into a whirlwind adventure.

There was something going on between the way they interacted with one another. There had been a lot of hate and I guess that steamed from me disliking Kalas a lot. I’ve come to learn that it’s okay to not automatically love your characters. Finding why they are the way they are is a bigger story then you would ever think. It’s what make then unique in such a way, so when Kalas appeared he became the other side of me. The one that held secrets and snapped easily, he was the bad side of me that no one wanted to cross.

However, he was someone that was damaged also, someone that needed help when it wasn’t shown. Kalas had this sadness about him that he hid from others because he didn’t want to inconvenient others. Yeah, his annoying and such, but there was something he couldn’t talk about. And it wasn’t until the way the story progressed that I learned that about him. He was hiding something and he wasn’t the only one that held the secret. But he wasn’t accepting either. As much as I have a running dislike for him, I have an admiration for the Descendant of Apollo for keeping his cool on situations that had turned deadly at times. When the first two could not do anything he would step up and that had been a surprised to me.

Kalas is smart and snarky, a very deadly combination, if I do say so myself. He had become the one I turn to when the first two get out of hand, he speaks wisdom while the others snap at one another. In the end, Kalas is what he is. There is a part of me that is very excited to write his book. There is a lot more going on then just being angry, Kalas. A lot more to see and to imagine.

The Diary: Entry Five

Morus Academy

July 28, 2013

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”- Albert Einstein

Dear Ζευς, 

I have nothing left, I have kept this fight within myself and struggled to understand why there is so much hate. So much fear over us; we are all the same, are we not? I know, I know, we have talked about this before, we have argued and yelled. We have done this before, this broken record of constantly fighting for this right to even be alive. And yet, I sit here, begging for an understanding why this war continues, this silent war of hatred. It pains me to see them all hiding, Ζευς, they are only children living in fear.

So I sit here and I ponder this day away, trying to understand why the concept of peace can be unreachable. And yet, when I look upon them and see the way they have become oblivious to the danger. I scold them, when I reach the fear inside of them, as it crosses their innocent faces; a guilt that dwells deep within comes forward. Who am I becoming? I am scaring mere children, robbing them of their childhood, whatever that had been left of it. And I am taking that away from them. Taking their passion to live, to create, and to become more. 

But, Ζευς, why must I do this? Why must this become the way we live? Why does fear have such a hold on us all? Am I wrong to take their happiness? Yet, I already know this answer, for I am wrong. I have wronged them, for they are not ignorant in their survival but I am for not seeing that the only way forward is to be happy. To push hatred and fear away and to move towards the light of peace. To not run towards it but to bask in the light as we walk forward. 

I must walk forward. I must. In this whirlwind of hatred and fear, there is light. I have to believe in that, my father taught me enough to know that belief can go a long way. And it is something that I must teach these children; for they are my students now and they have a long road ahead of them. A road that will be filled with many obstacles. I shall not hinder them any longer, I understand now, Ζευς, I understand. 

We are here and we will survive for we have peace. 



The Journey to Writing: It is time to stop procrastinating

​Being an aspiring author, you learn a lot about plots, characters, and, mostly, writing. There are times when I just hate it, I just don’t want to write but a huge part of me cannot live with that. I started in middle school and continues from there but I went on and off seeing as I was writing in many different platforms and pushing into adult and young adult genres, along with poetry. I stopped so many times that I always end up finding out how much I miss writing and how much of a big part of writing is in my life. It wasn’t something that I couldn’t give up, even if I tried to it would just come back to me. 

I created life for these characters that I spent years of developing and abandon them time and time again. I’m surprised they didn’t just stop talking to me and refused to allow me to tell their story. They screamed for me each day so I can continue and each time I would 

either answer their call or ignore them and just binge watch Netflix. I would just sit there and refused to write and the sad part is, I didn’t know why I did it. I’ve always been talented when I wrote. But each day would pass and I would not write, I would waste the day away watching Netflix or YouTubing things. 
I’ve spent years just writing on and off, whether it was in my book or my blog or even on my different platforms. I was still able to express another part of me that was silent. And finding amazing people to help or even encourage me when I felt insecure over my writing helped me in the long run. Writing isn’t easy, not how people say it is. It isn’t quick either, you dont just sit and lay out a book, you have to open your vein and bleed onto the pages, tear apart of your soul and put it into your characters. It is gut wrenching and difficult. But, it’s worth it. Because you create this world, this wonderful world that people will love and you end up sharing another part of you that others overlook and they put apart of themselves into your world. They imagine the adventure and the characters, they want to fight alongside them or comfort them. 

Writing. It’s hard, so hard to do and sometimes I hate it. But it’s what I live for, what I strive to be. Not just an author but a writer that will create a world for the readers out there to see and enjoy and want to be apart of. 

So before you go up to a writer/author and ask about their book, remember that writing a book is hard and constantly asking them about it can help or hinder them. You want to help, then ask to read a chapter, be a beta reader for them. Give them insight and question things, let them explain and let them know that you’re there to support them. In the end, that’s all we need.

The Journey to Writing: Character Part Two: MARCELLUS

Marcellus was one of those moments when you have one character, there just had to be another. It wasn’t to add a romance to the book, that was already there, but that’s another discussion for another day. I wanted someone that would be rational and irrational at the same time. Marcellus formed in my mind when I notice that Carina

©Copyright 2016 Marcellus

needed friends, someone that would see her flaws while others didn’t. Marcellus ended up becoming one of those friends that knew so much and yet so little since Carina was closed from the world around her. It wasn’t until Marcellus and her met that Carina started to developed a sense of a friendship.

Yes, Marcellus will be shown to have something more to this story then just arguing with her. He has always been that reason, that type of conscious that Carina needed, but it wasn’t just that for her. Marcellus has an angry side, him being a Descendant of Ares showed that he can snap very easily. He doesn’t like to be told that he is wrong and like everyone out there, he does have feelings but it’s hard for him to show it. His all hard and calculated when it comes to being battle ready. However, Marcellus likes to assume and jump to conclusion without thinking things true. His a great friend but can be the type that can keep talking and cross the line.

He was the friend that you wanted when you where about to get into a fight, but the friend that’ll also tell you when you’re wrong even if you’re not wrong. He isn’t perfect, his flawed like Carina and like everyone else. Marcellus became one of those people that wanted to do the right thing but he couldn’t see that at times that he was wrong. You see, flawed. But sometimes he can be stubborn, something we all have but when he wants to steer you away from something dangerous. He’ll do it because he wants you to know that he cares and wants to protect you from the danger. He just doesn’t know how to go around to telling you that, haha.

Marcellus is strong, but he has a weakness and that’s his conscious, he overthinks, his strong but he misjudges people and tends to attack them with words.  It’s what he knows that helps him get through this series and what he learns at the end.

The Journey to Writing: Character Part One: CARINA

When I first created Carina, I was in middle school at the time; sitting in class during English class was always so boring for me. So staring off into space was a classic move for me to do. However, instead of staring at the white board with the homework assignment on it. I was staring at a canvas that was filled with an adventure with magic in another world and there was always a girl. She had long red hair, pale complexion and cold blue eyes that held a sword out and was ready to fight. Carina was the type of girl that had a broken past and wanted nothing more than to find where she truly belonged. She was a stubborn, kindhearted and sarcastic girl that would give everyone whiplashes with her witty comments. But deep down she had a hardened heart, a deep seeding hatred that was buried deep inside of her.

©Copyright 2016 Carina

Things were always difficult for her, she lost her parents at a young age and once she realized what had happen she grew annoyed by the Greek Gods and Goddesses. And that’s where the story begins, it was her hatred for them that created the soon to be series, The Descendants Tales. And it all started with me spacing out in middle school while the teacher talked about… Uhm… well, she was talking about something I can tell you that much.

During the process of middle school my mind had seemed endless to me, she fought monsters, ignored the Gods of Olympus, she went by her own rules. My Carina was the bad girl of all bad girls in the fictional world and I couldn’t be happier with that. Until I hit high school, when I was introduced to the library where they held so many books about Greek Mythology. The librarian there enabled my interest and I was thrown into another world, another place, and another history lesson that was laid out for me. I spent a lot of time skipping classes to go to that library, yeah, I wasn’t a star student back then, and I would hide behind the shelves from the teachers and hall monitors and open the Greek mythology books.

And Carina character developed even more, she turned from a bad girl to shy girl in the years that followed. She was still stubborn and still annoyed with the Gods, but she was quieter, she kept to herself. Like any normal teenager, she was still confused on where she belonged but now she had to save the world on top of things. So her growing anger with them only increased, yeah she was bitter at them. But slowly she started to make friends and her loyalty to them only buried the hatred for the Gods deeper. Friendship had taken a hold of her and gripped at her heart so the only ones that enter there were Carina’s friends. Carina would slowly start to understand who she was whenever they were around her, how she trusted them when they went into battle.

The lonely and bitter Carina had turned into a sweet girl that wanted to protect her friends from the Gods. She being to do things that even I was surprised with, Carina started to become the main point around the book and when that started the first book formed and shaped through the years. Carina was the first one to be created, the heroine that I had always wanted to be. Carina became the girl with the flaming red hair, the girl that wears the black armor and wields a glass sword.

The Diary: Entry Four

Morus Academy

April 19, 2013

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”- Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Ζευς,

I don’t understand why we have to watch the world being destroyed by the mortals that want us dead. We have lived in peace and yet they run from us, thinking that we are nothing but disease. And, yet as I stand here in the office that belonged to my father and watch over the students running and laughing. I end up fearing for their future, fearing what awaits them beyond the forest. This world is filled with chaos and all I can do is teach them how to a survive. However, this isn’t what I wanted I never wanted to teach them that their life was nothing more then meaningless beyond this school. How long will this battle go on for? This fight that never belonged to us and yet we must pick up our weapons and attack the people that fear us? 

What is the point of having peace? We fight. We survive. But we suffer, we suffer because those that do not understand what we are fear us. So fear becomes hate. So we hide and we survive, however, now that I am sitting in my fathers chair, seeing what he would see. I must beg that you help us just a little more, to see that we are not diseases, we are not something that can go away by just killing us off. We are who we are, we are Descendants and it is in our blood to live. We do not want to fight, we want to live in peace, to be able to work and study, to see the world in the goodness of others and understand why we had been picked. We are all creations of this world. These mortals, do they even understand or will they ever understand? 

We are flesh and blood, we die, we cry, we laugh and play. Just like they do. And yet they still fear us, because we are marked by your symbols. I never thought of the marks as curses but now that I have held the body of a boy that had life in him die in my arms. I can see why many of the Descendants have carried these marks as curses then a gift. However, I see it; they are a gift to this world, this beautiful world that has been in turmoil. Each one born to survive to live and show the world the beauty that this world holds. To shower this dull place with their souls and shine in

the sky of the morning and the sky of the night. For the darkness will always need the light and I do believe that these Descendants that run around laughing are the light. I wish to help more then anything else in my life, to let them see what this place can hold. I will not let any harm come to them any longer, Ζευς.

It is the time of the Descendants.